Web Design for Foster AZ

We did web design for Foster AZ, a local nonprofit that needed a people-focused design to make foster care appear more approachable. This local nonprofit is doing work to educate + empower local families to foster & adopt children.

Focusing on the Faces of Foster Care

Additionally, we focused our attention on the faces of the foster care movement in our area– often a picture tells a thousand words. The design centered on their media, and brought in their existing branding with playful tears of paper, and pops of teal. https://fosterarizona.org/ Lastly, we wanted to ensure the timelessness of their website. Therefore, we added some very long-lasting yet popular fonts for them.

Navigation Troubleshooting

Their navigation included shortcuts for folks who use their website heavily. Because this site included a lot of content, we needed to make it simple for their audience to move around. As a result, this was the Foster AZ team’s agreed-upon solution. We incorporated a ribbon on the top of the home page with their additional nonprofit arms of Foster AZ. Their inspiration was Old Navy.

Hero Image is actually a video.
The Hero Image is actually a video. The team put a lot of their recent resources into beautiful videos of the local foster families and their children. When we looked at the plethora of media available to us, we decided it would be most useful to take screenshots of their videography. As a result, we are really happy with the outcome.
With so much media, we did a different layout for mobile than desktop.
With so much media, we did a different layout for mobile than desktop in our web design for Foster AZ. Now, it isn’t too much for the viewer to handle. While this was double the work, we are happy with the outcome and grateful for the opportunity to serve this incredible group of people.

For more information on Foster Care, please visit https://fosterarizona.org/. Some of their other affiliate links: https://fosterarizonahousingproject.org/.

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