4 Websites to find Free Stock Photos

Nothing Beats Free Stock Photos!

And, nothing increases the appeal of your website like great images. In fact, weak photos can literally sink what could have been a great design. But, images can get expensive. That is…if you do it the legal way. And, trust me you don’t want to put up some photo you jacked off the internet only to get a cease and desist notice in the mail 2 weeks later from the photos original owner. So, in this post we’re going to talk about some resources with free stock photos for you to use.

Here’s a list of some the sites I’ve found and methods I use when I’m looking for a great picture that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

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My Web Design Business Name Debaucle

What’s in a name? I’ve recently put some thought into that. For over a year now I’ve helped clients all over the world build, refine, fix and launch websites with my web design business. It’s been an exciting time. Sometimes scary, tough, nerve racking but for the most part amazing.

In the course of figuring out who I am as a web designer and what I want my web design business to represent I’ve had to really put some thought into things I glanced over or ignored completely concerning other companies. Things like:

  • What are my core competencies?
  • What do people think when they see my logo?
  • What do I want to be known for?
  • What do I NOT want to be known for?

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