Material Difference Technologies

Industrial Manufacturing Website Design

Material Difference Technologies is a company based out of Florida. They provide a number of products and services including steel, resin and engineering. They came to us wanting to redesign their current website in order to set themselves apart from their competitors. While this was my first attempt at industrial manufacturing website design, I was confident I could deliver an awesome website that truly made them stand out.


I was presented with two specific requirements

  1. Highlight their newest product: Tech Resin
  2. Incorporate the work of their print material they had just finished.

I began this site by starting with a blank photoshop page. I used the curved shapes present in their print materials in much of the sections on the page and also created a design that mimicked a measuring instrument along the sides of certain sections. I also made sure that the Tech Resin product was highlighted on the home page with a animated graph.


From there I decided to used WordPress as the CMS and the Bridge Theme to construct the site. I’ve found the Bridge Theme to be extremely flexible even when I need to create something from scratch and not drawn from any of their demo themes.

I implemented all of the structure of the pages via Visual Composer which is a premium wordpress plug-in which is extremely powerful. I also hand coded many of the tables the company uses as product sheets for some of their materials. Apparently, tables are an extremely consistent element in industrial manufacturing website design.


After working with the client to make sure their vision had been represented in their website, we launched the new Material Difference Technologies website and couldn’t be more pleased.

If you need help with industrial manufacturing website design don’t hesitate to reach out to Misterek Web Design to get started on your project.


June 28, 2017