Bug Jammer

The Backstory

BugJammer is a great company based out of New Jersey with a killer product. They’ve essentially made a fly and mosquito attracter. So, instead of biting insects being attracted to you they are drawn in to the BugJammer product and then killed. And, of course a great product needs a great eCommerce website.

Lantz from BugJammer contacted us about updating his website. We were competing with another well known web design company he knew of in his area. Because our bid outperformed them by a long shot and because Lantz’s dogs didn’t like the owner of the other firm when they visited his home, he ended up going with us. And, were glad he did. We’re very pleased with the final outcome.

eCommerce Website

We implemented WooCommerce which is a great eCommerce website plug-in for selling and shipping products. We created a modern design with effective conversion techniques. The strength of this site is really in the imagery. The photos really capture a pristine environment that you almost want to jump into.

Product Bundling

We also implemented a bundle option for purchasing different products. This way if users wished to buy more than one of the same product they wouldn’t miss out on savings that Lantz and his company wanted to offer.

Website Customization

Finally, we customized the PHP or backend of the website at the request of Lantz for different product display options and also to add a dynamic shopping cart menu which updates as products are added and taken out of the cart. For a UX perspective, it’s always best to give users as much options to check out as possible. You don’t want them to add something to the cart and then not be able to figure out how to navigate to the cart itself to checkout. This eliminates that potential barrier by keeping it in the menu.


July 13, 2016