DC Custom Concrete

Contractor Websites

DC Custom Concrete is a custom concrete contractor in San Diego California. They’ve built custom works for businesses and families all through out Southern California and beyond. They asked Misterek Web Design to build their website for them in fall of 2016. We researched other contractor websites and made a game plan for building them an outstanding website.

The Right Web Design Company

We were approached to help with DC’s website after an unfortunate attempt with another web designer. We know the pain of not finding the right person to do the right job. At Misterek Web Design, we always go above and beyond to make sure your contractor websites are built to perfection with an end goal in mind. We’re passionate about our work and are diligent to never leave anything half done.

We loved working with DC Custom Concrete and feel like our partnership on this site was a success. And as a result we feel like we have some insight to help other companies find the right web design company to build the right contractor website for the right company.

Modern Web Design Methods

We used modern methods to build the site utilizing WordPress and creative graphic design. DC Custom Concrete has a good number of creative works they’ve built for their customers. We felt it was only fitting that their website matched their own work.


We created a custom plug-in to bring in CSS styles that were used to form and design the pages. Also, we used WooCommerce to create a shop for them to sell their custom sinks that they sell in their shop. And, The Custom page was made almost entirely with custom CSS and HTML.

Another tool we used was a newsletter subscribe form to connect users to DC Custom’s mailchimp list. Finally, we used a custom portfolio plug-in that allowed users to see multiple pictures of on project without having to scroll through a lot of other pictures.

You can see DC’s website Here. And of course if you need help with your own Conractor Websites please do not hesitate to reach out to Misterek Web Design

November 19, 2016