7 Signs You Need a Website Redesign

Do I need a website redesign?

Something’s better than nothing. You’ve heard that right? And for a time maybe that’s true. But, there comes a point that every company has to ask itself if they’re getting everything they can from their website. A website redesign can be an exciting journey. It’s a possibility to get more leads, reach more people and ultimately help a business get to that next level they’ve been striving for.

I’ve had the privilege of walking organizations through the process of going from the old to the new. Through my experience I’ve seen a few telltale signs pop up that indicate it’s time to start the process. So, without further adieu, here are 7 signs you need a website redesign:


1. Your old website is chasing away business

Nothing pains me more than knowing there are great companies out there that are loosing business because of a bad website. How do you know if you’re chasing away business with your website? Great question! You can tell your website is slipping if you’re not seeing a lot of people come to you as a result of it being there.

Absolutely everyone is finding you online. It doesn’t matter how old your customer base is or in what area they live. I guarantee that you have been googled. And, People that don’t choose to purchase from you aren’t going to sit down and have a heart to heart about how they thought you were great but they couldn’t get past those outdated graphics on your home page. No, they just vanish into the internet abyss never to be heard from.

You might not think it’s a huge deal but if no one you talk to at the cash register found their way to you after visiting your site, it might be time for a website redesign.

2. Your old website makes your competitors look good

It’s not tough to know who we’re up against. And, if it’s not tough for us, it’s certainly not tough for the people who are buying from us. It used to be that your main competition was businesses in a 40 mile radius. That’s not even true anymore. People can get what they want from anywhere in the world.

If you have a weak site it could actually push people towards going to the competition. It might not be the final say in the decision but it sure is a huge factor. Why not show your superiority with a site that blows your competitors away? Why not give the industry leader a run for their money?

3. Your old website got you where you are but can’t get you where you’re going

That old website might have been a great solution in it’s time. There might even be a sense of nostalgia in it. I get it. You poured resources into the site either by way of money or sweat equity to get it to what it was. It’s a meaningful piece of who you were.

But, there comes a time when you have to face the facts and ask yourself if your website will take you to that next bench mark. I see this as a good thing! You did everything you could at the level you were at and you really moved your business forward. But, it’s time to go to that next level. And, a website redesign is the thing that will help take you there.

4. Your old website doesn’t have any goals

Zig Ziglar said

If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.

In order for your website to truly be effective you have to know what a “win” looks like. What do you want people to do after they’ve visited? How long will they stay? What pages will they go to? If you don’t have answers to these questions then it might be time for a website redesign.

Your website has to be more than an online business card. It’s an opportunity to really propel people toward saying, “Yes!” to what you’re selling. If your old website is weak with the things it’s trying to accomplish or if it’s not really trying to accomplish anything in the first place, it’s time for an update.

5. Your old website doesn’t represent who you are anymore

As time goes on companies evolve. You begin to get better at certain things. You begin to focus more energy towards things that you once didn’t think about much in the past. Or maybe the overall personality of your organization is just totally different.

In any case, if there’s a disconnect between what people experience from interacting with you or your employees and what they see on your website, it’s going to be a tough sale. Push for a website redesign if your old site says something different about you than who you really are.

6. Your old website is confusing

Nothing kills someone’s experience on your website like a confusing layout. They come in all shapes and sizes: non-descriptive menu links, pages that link to pages endlessly and even entire sections of sites that should never even be there.

Find someone that doesn’t know anything about your business and has never been to your site. Give them 30 seconds on your URL. If they can’t figure out who you are and how to purchase from you it might be time for a website redesign.

7. Your old website is glitchy

Everything that has your name on it is a representation of who you are to your customers. If your site crashes more often than it stays online or if you go to use a contact form and the email doesn’t go through or if…you get the point, then your customers might have a tough time feeling like they can trust you to do a good job with their purchase. Don’t let a glitchy site be the barrier that keeps people back from getting what you have to offer.

Your website can be one of your most vital assets but it has to be done correctly! Don’t let an old website keep you back from where you’re going. Think through these 7 signs and ask yourself if it’s time for a website redesign.

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